Our Mission

Our Mission

We pride ourselves in being your #1 eco-choice and setting industry standards for environmentally friendly business practices. We strive to provide an alternative to traditional consumables including but not limited to: plastic, cotton, and fossil fuels etc.

Our Values

1. Sustainability is the groundwork on which we are built. It is our duty and great pleasure to push the limits of what clean commerce can be. Doing things right will always be paramount to doing things quickly which is why we set proper expectations of what slow fashion is. We promise to always be carbon negative, waste free and organic.

2. Quality is what separates the great from the best. You will find our diligence brings you the highest value products from all around the world. 

3. Integrity gives us pride when no one is watching and humility gives us strength when everyone is. We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of trust within our communities.

5. Collaboration allows us to be creative. By fostering a cooperative environment between colleagues, customers, and suppliers we are highly efficient within our development.

6. Profitability allows us to grow more green. Though we work alongside many non-profits we are a for-profit place of business. We use our profits to reinvest in Hemp to work towards our mission.


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