Our Physical Locations

Come shop with us at Inspiring Alignments! Located at 1120 Bailey Hill Rd Suite 1 in Eugene, OR.

Inspiring Alignments

Our warehouse is based in Eugene Oregon, where we fulfill all our online orders.We also attend several festivals and events year round, such as:

Oregon Hemp Fest

    Hemp Fest in Oakland Oregon! We attended June 23rd, 24th, and 25th in 2023 and are excited to see you all in 2024!


Oregon Growers Cup

   Oregon Growers Cup in Riddle Oregon! We attended December 9th in 2023 and cant wait to see you all again in 2024!

Eugene Saturday Market

    Catch us at the Eugene Tuesday and Saturday Markets! We have been proud attendees in downtown Eugene since 2020! No entry fee! Come support local businesses, farmers, and Hemp!

Lane County Fair

  We attend the Lane County Fair in the Summer! We had an amazing time in July of 2023, and urge you to come and enjoy the fair with us in 2024!

 *We were previously located at the BHUMI's Refillery on Willamate, but unfortunately they have permanantly closed.


Know of an event and want us there? Email us!