Sourcing the Best Hemp in the World

Sourcing the Best Hemp in the World

Hemp For Hope - (Backpacks, Tote Bags, Pouches) Based in Scotland and manufactures products using Hemp grown by local families in Nepal. 

THTC - (Shirts, Socks) Based in the UK with dozens of stores spread across France, Spain Greece, Italy, Germany, Austria, Sweden, and a single location in Denver Colorado USA. Products are produced in China in small family run factories. Certified Vegan.

Kentucky Handcrafted - (Bar Soaps) Based in Kentucky USA, and uses cold pressed Kentucky Hemp Seed Oil

Weld Mfg - (Hats) Based in Pennsylvania USA

Beez Nutz Balms- (Chapstick) Based In North Carolina USA 100% Petroleum and Paraben Free

Natalia- (Bracelets) Based in Massachusetts USA

Hemp Foundation- (Wallets) Based in India and Manufactured in India

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