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Hemptopia Hemp Mens Boxer Briefs, Navy Blue, Durable: Extra Large

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These men's hemp boxer briefs were designed for comfort and functionality. They are made from the highest quality hemp yarn available. They function great for traveling, hiking, biking, rock climbing and adventuring. The blend of hemp and organic cotton creates a material that breathes, is lightweight, odor resistant and longer wearing. You can toss them in your carry-on or luggage reducing extra pairs of underwear to bring while traveling. Superior eco-benefits include: Hemp and organic cotton is grown with little to no use of pesticides or herbicides and is processed in a safe environmentally friendly working condition Natural hemp fiber wicks away moisture to keep you cool, dry and comfortable Hemp is the strongest natural fiber which adds durability and resistance to the fabric wearing out The natural anti-microbial properties of hemp allow air to (ebb and flow) pass through the material reducing stagnant air which creates bacterial growth. Printed label on inside of boxer.
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